Tim’s Story

The story behind the art

Timothy Dunn possesses an all-consuming creative passion that has propelled him to the pinnacle of his profession, or more accurately professions!

Timothy’s unique talents have enabled him to enjoy astonishing success in four separate and distinct areas of the arts: Floristry, Home Fragrance, Modern Art and more recently Fine Art Photography.

It’s an inspirational story which began in 1989 when Timothy and his wife, Jacqueline, took a huge leap of faith and launched Timothy Dunn Flowers on the Fulham Palace Road.

Timothy’s floral style was unconventional to say the least and his dazzling and daring displays saw the company earn an unrivalled reputation within the industry along with an enviable celebrity and corporate client list, which includes some of the most iconic sporting venues and famous names on the planet.

Being totally self-taught means Timothy has revelled in a total freedom of expression and creation. There we’re no rules to be obeyed and no conventions to be observed. The only limit was the extent of the man’s imagination and Timothy’s imagination is as unique as it is unusual. He may be an ordinary man from humble beginnings, but he’s been blessed with extraordinary senses. For Timothy has synaesthesia, a perceptual phenomenon whereby he doesn’t just see colours, he smells colours too, and now paints what he hears through a wide genre of music.

Timothy’s fascination for scent started to develop in2011 and in 2012 Timothy launched his first Home Fragrance Collection, which drew inspiration from the sights and smells from his worldly travels. Timothy’s amazing eye for design, impeccable taste, attention-to-detail and remarkable sense for scent soon garnered yet more acclaim and award-winning recognition, with nominations for Best Home Fragrance at the 2012 and 2016 Fragrance Foundation Awards with his exquisite range of exciting, new products making an immediate impact on the market, where the collection could be found in the world’s most prestigious department stores.

However, just as Timothy was gaining another global reputation for his creative prowess, he received the shattering news that he had cancer. The life-threatening illness presented him with his greatest challenge to date. But it was during this period and, from his sick bed Timothy had an uncontrollable urge to paint and express his feelings onto canvas where his brush strokes can only be described as an explosion of colour. It was a result of these overwhelming canvases, which were a true feast for the eyes, that his synaesthesia came to light and a new compelling, contemporary artist was now emerging. Once again Timothy Dunn’s creative instincts had delivered a dazzling triumph but there was still more to come.

His brush with death had focused his mind on the fragility of life and the need to ensure lifelong dreams and bucket list ambitions were fulfilled. Timothy and Jacqueline, who together share an enduring love for animals, decided the time was right to make a long-promised trip of a lifetime a reality, by flying to East Africa to see wild animals in their natural environments. It was a memorable trip that surpassed all expectations. There was an immediate connection with the country, the people, the scenery and without doubt the animals with Kenya instantly becoming Timothy’s spiritual home (where he now has a small dairy farm in the village of Mara Warrior Daniel, Timothy’s very special guide and now lifelong friend).

What’s more it unlocked yet another talent as his “holiday snaps “turned out to be wildlife photography of the highest order, and like his paintings, the photographs are now sought-after pieces earning rave reviews.

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